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Ways the Body Escalates Its Communications

Published July, 2024

Depleted Resources

As the mind depletes the resources or power necessary to keep the body functioning—much less thriving—the rejected body escalates in its communication. First, there is an overall sense of dullness. A lack of an organic sense of pleasure and fullness and a lack of clarity. It is demagnetized. It begins to feel out of the flow of things and can no longer attract what it wants and has to work to get it. The body is unable to get the full wattage of power to the mind to keep it bright and vivid.

Fatigue Accumulation

Then, there is a feeling of fatigue due to a buildup of residue in the system that makes it heavy. The body does not have the resources it needs to stay in full clarity. It needs to conserve, so it does so first by decreasing psychic digestion, leaving us congested with undigested material from our experiences. We may experience burnout. The feeling of being so wired we cannot stop, we are running on fumes, too tired to sleep, and cannot turn the mind off.


If this continues, the body does not have the power to keep the line of connection strong and so the mind breaks away. The mind without the body does not have the saturation and hydration that the body brings. It becomes dry as a desert. Thoughts get rigid, arid, and crackly.


Craving can set in. This is a hunger that cannot be fed, as it is trying to fill a gap or a void, a need to fix through positive or negative means. The mind senses from the body a hole where the mind should be present but it seeks to fill the hole with objects, concepts, and philosophies that exist outside the body. The rational mind will blame the body for these cravings, not realizing they are the result of the absence of the mind from its home in the body.


Depression may ensue. A sense of emptiness, self-pity, hopelessness, an inescapable boredom and lack of interest, pointlessness, frigidity, incompleteness, shame. The body employs a second effort to conserve power with no resources in sight. Sadness is the feeling of the body missing the mind.


Hatred is a further solidification and shows up as dissatisfaction, discontent, overly defended, disproportionate anger, self-criticism, rigidity. The mind without the psychic energy of the body cannot afford to spend any of its limited energy on positivity.


Another manifestation is anxiety—panic, catastrophic thinking, a type of mania and aggression that gets channeled into activity like cleaning or working out. The body is trying to communicate that it cannot continue, that it will not be able to maintain the level of Eros running through it that is necessary to keep from the collapse of the immune system or the nervous system.


Finally, it may become an illness. This is the communication from the body that the body is in a red-alert state of lack of power and Eros. The more the body communicates, the more uncomfortable the mind is and the more it seeks to escape and search for experience outside the body.


It blames the body and justifies demanding more of the world and the body than it can offer. This is the language of the body, and ultimately, an invitation into a conversation. The body operates differently from the mind. It does not yearn for worship, adulation, or prostration. It is not—as the mind suspects—insatiable and demanding.


The mind thinks the body is demanding because the only time it listens is when the body has reached screech level. The mind gets further and further out and uses the resources of the body to continue to avoid the body without bringing anything back. It looks harder and harder to return.

Escaping Consequences

The mind is escaping the grief, the anger, and the anxiety of the body. The collateral damage builds with each day; what would need to be faced, admitted, and made up for accumulates. Not only would it have to turn around what it considered its righteous direction, it would have to face what it has done—that it has run hard, using the body’s resources for a long time, in the wrong direction.


Then, not only would it have to face what it had done—it would have to clean it up. It would have to do reparations with something it left because it considered itself superior and developed resentments. These resentments are primarily about how it could not totally control the body.


It would have to then learn how to do what it did not do in the first place: respect and learn the ways of the body. It could not merely use it for its resources, making demands and coming and going on a whim. It would have to commit.

The Final State

This is where it has gotten to by the time there is hatred, anxiety, and sickness. The body has had to conserve for itself and cannot enable the mind anymore. Not will not—cannot. These symptoms have gotten powerful, some coming with diagnoses and labels. Without Eros coming in, we are unable to break through the tumescence. We lose access to our inherent perfection. The body always offers whatever it can to the fullest. We punish it for depleting the resources it would need to keep offering us joy, peace, and relaxation.

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