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The Villain Can Liberate or Extort

Published July, 2024

Power Misuse

As the villain, we use our blade not as a tool to cut through tumescence but as a weapon to extort another’s power. The clear vision of the one who can penetrate delusion is used to magnify the weakness of another. As villain, blinded by the authority of our vision, we are corrupted into a type of ruthlessness that manifests in the perversion of power, a type of rational-mind sadism about being one up and seeing our impact.


Separated by resentment from connection, as villain we are not connected to the person we are operating on and so have no felt sense that could correct our own behavior. With Erotic power, we are connected; when we induce pain in another, we feel pain in ourselves. We can also feel relief, so we know if we are wielding our sword well to liberate from delusion.

Power Hunger

After this faculty has been blocked from connection and power—now hungry—it accesses power by having others give it over. Without the deeper meaning of using this force in service to Eros, we find identity in exercising power over others. It is a finite substitute that never satisfies for this very reason: it is hard to stop.

Craving Cycle

The moment we stop, craving sets in. The moment craving sets in, as the villain, we are brought down to the position of victim. The villain is now victim to what we have done to others. Only now our own head is doing it to us. The perpetration shows up as a desire to be perpetrated upon. The cycle continues.

Erotic Transgressor

This role in its highest form is the Erotic transgressor. It is rare and needed, but can only be found when rooted in the true power of Eros. Armed with vision, a sword, and the power to wield it as the true and devoted servant of Eros, this role will cut through the human propriety that keeps people in bondage. It will transgress the harmful, acting as helper in order to cut another free.

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