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The True Climaxes Of Life

Published July, 2024

Understanding Pressure

It is crucial to understand when heavy pressure is the result of not hearing. There is an increase in pressure in order to get a response, and also when it is a benefit of sorts; a signifier that we have completed one phase and are transitioning into the next. It can be easy to perceive heavy pressure from the world as consequences of our actions, and indeed it may be, but it could be the consequence of positive action as well.

Eros and Creativity

This is the natural state of living with the creative force of Eros, where destruction of the old is integral to the creation of the new. It is helpful to know and befriend this aspect of ourselves. We can be deliberate in abetting the destruction of a world we have outgrown, to work with nature in what is crumbling, rather than fighting against it or trying to prop it up. We cannot stop the destruction or return things to where they were.

Embracing Transition

These heavy pressure or climax phases of life are a rare gift. We need to remain open and receptive in the face of destruction, darkness, confusion—when we sense our familiar life markers abandoning us. It is when we feel helpless and, most of all, so uncertain that we will want to close, freeze, and invert.

Harnessing Creativity

But if we are able to remain open, we will—at worst—be able to mitigate some of the naturally arising fear and—at best—harness all that is being released to be used as raw power for creative expression and endeavor. This is the realization of the involuntary climax in life: the capacity to capture and harness what would otherwise be random and damaging and to use it, quite literally, to power deeper, positive intent.

Consciousness in Chaos

The trick is ultimately to remain conscious at the time of the explosion, when we are most likely to go unconscious. To remain aware and present is the difference between crawling toward the promised land of consciousness through a desert, wounded and disoriented, and being rocketed there, certainly with a few bruises and perhaps some fear but also in a life of adventure.

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