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The Strokes

Published June, 2024

Introduction to OM Strokes

In OM, there are a myriad of strokes, each with its unique sensation and purpose. Through the exploration and combination of various speeds, pressures, directions, lengths, and locations, we learn to evoke and navigate the vast landscape of sensations that OM can offer. Each stroke, from the priming to the gravity, is a key that unlocks a different door into the realm of Eros, allowing us to experience the full spectrum of our Erotic selves. Together, these strokes help us cultivate a dynamic, intimate connection with the body, enabling us to engage in life.

Priming Stroke

Priming: Using the pad of the finger, we do the priming stroke, the starting stroke of the OM. We stroke down with long, broad, medium-speed, and medium-pressure downstrokes, focusing on the upper-left-hand quadrant of the clitoris. The sensation feels like scratching an itch and like sinking in. When we finish, there is a richness and a sense of completion.

Finding the Spot

Finding the Spot: Stroking in a meandering way, with a short, slow, and medium-pressure upstroke using the tip of our finger, gradually moving toward the one o’clock position, we find the spot. When we land there, we feel a jolt or a tingle beginning to radiate from under the skin as connection is made.

Butterfly Stroke

Butterfly: We use short, fast, and light upstrokes on the spot around the one o’clock position with the tip of the finger when doing the butterfly stroke. This stroke feels energizing, like carbonation or buzzing.

Home Stroke

Home: Using the tip of the finger, we stroke with medium speed, medium pressure, medium-length upstrokes on the spot around the one o’clock position. This stroke feels comforting, like building energy, and has an “at home” feeling of rightness.

Reaching Stroke

Reaching: Stroking with long, light, medium-speed upstrokes along the left side of the clitoris, from the six o’clock to twelve o’clock position, using the tip of the finger, we do the reaching stroke. This stroke feels like a “zing” with a rising off the floor, and it draws out a yearning and desire to come toward the finger.

Lower Stroke

Lower: Here, we stroke with long, light, medium-speed downstrokes in the vestibule underneath the clitoris using the tip of the finger. We experience a feeling of deep release and relief, as if we have been holding on to something and can now let go.

Deep Stroke

Deep: To do the deep stroke, we hold the tip of our finger still on the spot around the one o’clock position, using the precise amount of pressure called for. We experience a feeling of darkness and a smooth current of power, with waves of electricity and a sense of heavy relaxation.

Expansion Stroke

Expansion: We stroke with very short, light, and medium-speed upstrokes, using the tip of the finger, on the spot around the one o’clock position. This expansion stroke feels breathless, like an opening, as if our cells are made of light, revving things up.

Stair Stroke

Stair: With the tip of the finger, we use fast and medium-speed, light, teasing-pressure upstrokes on the spot around the one o’clock position. The stair stroke feels like climbing, and we savor the growing hunger and anticipation we experience.

Summit Stroke

Summit: Here, we hold the tip of the finger with a light, teasing pressure around the one o’clock position. This feels like intense pleasure, as if we are nailed to the floor not wanting to move, with heat inside the body.

Love Stroke

Love: We use the fingertip and pad of the finger, creating slow-to-medium speed, slightly more than medium pressure, medium-length downstrokes at the three o’clock position. There is a silky, fluid, warm, thick-like-honey feeling to the love stroke that is soothing and cozy.

Animation Stroke

Animation: Here, we stroke with medium to heavy pressure, medium length, slightly faster than medium-speed downstrokes at the very edge of the clitoris around the four to five o’clock position. These animation strokes feel earthy, human, delicious—like the energy of play.

Gravity Stroke

Gravity: In a gravity stroke, we use long, slow, and heavy downstrokes broadly across the clitoris with the pad of the index finger. These strokes feel like a slow descent, like an elevator gently coming back to earth.

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