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The Hallway

Published May, 2024

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We know. We always know. But it is fun to not know. It is fun to forget and discover. This is how we “human” this life. If we sit only in our knowing, we would miss out on the richness of coming to know, on the delight of opening a new door, and the various scenes we might land in.

— We would miss out on the exquisite design—the way our lives are instruments and the unfolding precision that we are played with. —

Value of Forgetting

Forgetting is good. Ignorance is good. Remembering is good. Aridity of the soul is good. Fecundity of the spirit is good. Being frozen in the hallway unsure of which doorway to open is good. Being in a room and forgetting there are other rooms is good. It will go like this. We will be in a hallway, considering, looking at options. Unsure. In the hallway, we are never sure. There is so much potential. We are not even sure what we want to choose from. We have options.

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Diverse Choices

We can choose from fear. We can choose from hope. We can choose from desire. We can choose from a desire to wake up, or settle down. We can choose a mystery door. We can choose the door of forgetting. We can choose a door where it looks like we are repeating the same thing over and over. All these possibilities exist. At some point, we will want to leave the thrill of the hallway, rife with all its potential. Considering options is fun but eventually, we get itchy. Something will activate, and then we choose.

— We open a door. We may stay awhile or not very long. We may just open the door, look inside, and close it again. —


When we enter, we discover a room made up entirely of the contents of everything we have ever seen or heard or imagined put together in a new form. It may not look any different from our everyday life. The form may enter as a person or a feeling or a shift in lifestyle. It will have a newness to it. A tentativeness and unfamiliarity. There will also be a hunger; something inside of us will be drawn to know and discover this new phenomenon. Another part of us will be apprehensive and unsure.

— A sweet spot of sensation is created—when we can remain in the wonderful sensation of newness, without hunger or apprehension taking over. —

Balance of Sensation

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When they enter together in balance, this feeling, this giddy, alive feeling of “new” can be extended, as can the period of taking it in. We will want to feel this way forever, and for it to end quickly.

— The sense of not knowing can be uncomfortable. To the extent that we sink into it, it will continue to refresh itself and offer us newness. The key is to meet the unknowing with openness. —

The habit is to contract or to search for similarities in order to compare it to past experiences so we can diminish the discomfort of not knowing. Thinking it is like something that came before may make it feel safer, however, it will shorten this very precious experience.

Embracing The Newness

It is vital to remember this not knowing, this newness, is the reward. This fresh open mind. This spacious place in consciousness.

— This innocence is what we call optionality. It is a sense of sitting in the center and holding a 360-degree view without having to move in any direction, of being able to take the whole of life in. —

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