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The Body Is Home for the Feminine Mind and the Doorway to the Mystical State

Published July, 2024

Mind's Entry

Someday, it may be that the mind enters the body. It will likely be confused and muddy at first. It may feel like an uncomfortable density; that form of the old mind-space may feel heavy, weighted, bloated, uncomfortable. It may want to pop out, go somewhere, travel, do its own thing. Again, the body is equanimous about this. The mind can leave, but if it stays, it will be on the body’s terms. The body remains steady, unmoving, and unmovable in the face of the mind’s threats.

Mind-Body Negotiation

The mind may and likely will threaten to punish, protest, or withdraw. The body, having reached this stage, has determined at a felt level there is no punishment, nothing the mind could do that would be more severe than the body abandoning itself again. It is willing to face any consequence— but will not abandon itself. In a strange way, this black-and-white moment brings great relaxation to the mind. Exalting freedom, it likes the perception of option and choice. Beyond this, although in many ways this was the day it most feared, it can finally let go and face the truth it has been running from.

Feminine Reconciliation

For the feminine/Erotic mind, this can have profound implications as it lands in a deeper knowing. With the mind in the body, it is seated in a home; here, it becomes clear how good and rich it feels to be in the fullness and abundance of the body. The literal food and expression and behavior we tried to starve ourselves of in order to align with a masculine aesthetic is not only not our natural state, it is inferior in terms of what it offers.

Masculine Contrast

The anxious, dry, frazzled world of masculine legalism is meaningless without the feminine. It is just empty chasing, even if what it is chasing is higher and deeper consciousness. Meaning lies where we do not close off, but instead open fully to sense the world, rich in splendor and connection.

World Engagement

Not to make stealth maneuvers through the world in order to not get caught, but to inhabit it, drawing from this infinite and inexhaustible resource to contribute to it. Not to have big and grand ideas about how to fix the world or spread ideas or heal war or ecology or starvation, but to simply be part of the world fully and through the senses.

Mind-Body Integration

That thing we are trying to fix, that sense that something out there desperately needs to be fixed or realized, more often than not is just this; the mind needs to come home and nest in the body. And then the body can exist as part of the world—not above it trying to save it, or trying to consume it, or going into states of consciousness that transcend beyond it. But to truly be part of it, as it is.

Bodily Experience

The body takes to this like a fish put back into water. It likes to simply be part of life. And by offering the body the conditions it enjoys, it bestows us with something spectacular that can only come from inhabiting the body: a true sense of awe and grandeur. An actual sense of it. Not an idea about it but the sense, because this is what the body specializes in: the senses.

Sensory Integration

There is what we call the sixth sense or intuition— which in fact, is common sense—and this lies in the center of all the senses, where they come together. The senses, when unified in this way, become different by orders of magnitude. The senses in union offer intuition and insight, a sense of humor, a sense of awe and grandeur, a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose, a sense of understanding, a sense of calm. It is a mystical experience.

Perfection in Wholeness

This is because the senses in union offer a sense of wholeness that lands us in the soil of perfection, and these are senses that can only grow in this particular soil. Because these experiences cannot be manufactured, we can only find them in the synthesis of the body. They are outcomes of a naturally expressed involuntary nervous system.

Redefining Salvation

Here, we can begin our big, dramatic work of saving the world. Yet, it just so happens that we are in fact saving nothing. We are simply tending to what inspires this sense of awe and grandeur and belonging, what will ground us and give us access to the mystical state.

Simplicity of Being

Rather than big and dramatic advancements, legislation, and marches that make for incredible displays with little change, we set to the work of OM where we focus on just this stroke. This stroke is to feel good. Can we just make our bodies feel good? Can we just not be manufacturers of stress, confusion, and striving?

Body as Sanctuary

Can we be a warmth that emanates for other bodies that are scared and would act in the ways that scared bodies act? Consuming, fixing, violating. Can we let go here and be fully in our body?

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