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Resentment Fractures Our Identity

Published July, 2024

Resentment and Fear

Resentment is the result of thoughts grown in fear that were not tracked to the source. The essence of fear is a great ally. When we meet it eye to eye with great respect, it removes its mask and reveals itself as desire; the desire for us to know ourselves in our totality, to reclaim our humanity, to claim the calling on our heart. When we are securely nested in our desire, the power and potency of fear can be absorbed into this more powerful force. It becomes a tool for Erotic realization rather than for the safety and maintenance of our limited identity. As a result, our relationship with fear changes. We open to it, allow it in, and allow it to do its work to protect and guide us. As a servant to desire, fear is an indispensable tool just as the rational mind is when it is a servant to intuition.

Fragmented Identity

If we grow our identity in separation-based resentment, our identity will itself be fractured. As a result, it separates into three positions, rather than a unified whole: the victim, the villain, and the rescuer. When unified, the three positions feed each other and are expressions of power, appearing as reception, penetration, and offering. Reception is what absorbs the world without filter: beauty, darkness, war, confusion, and love. It is that quality of mind aimed to empty what is full. Penetration is the aspect of mind capable of cutting through the smog of tumescence to access essence, an expression of Eros, of love. Offering is the inherent call we feel to fill that which is empty with the love we accessed in penetration. These are the three noble aspects of Eros.

Degradation by Resentment

When they are degraded by resentment and cut off from power, they become the fixed form. They are then diametrically opposed to the aim of Eros. They become tools of separation and attempts to access power through finite means. The rescuer attempts to be paid in power by being needed, the victim attempts to extract power through charity, and the villain attempts to extort power from others. The issue is that none of these aspects is working with actual power, so they continue to perpetuate themselves, rooted in a craving that never gets fed.

Eros in Play

These positions played out in Eros are of an entirely different nature. They are fun, eroticized opportunities to see dimensions of oneself that could not otherwise be seen. This kind of play consciousness can only be employed by those abundant in Erotic power.

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