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Real Power Is in Meeting Life in Pitch-perfect Response

Published May, 2024

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Real power is the power to meet or become anything in pitch-perfect response. Responding in this way brings us into our true nature,

— an ever-dynamic identity that can afford to meet life on life’s terms. It is the power to meet the conditions of our lives without attachment to ideas of self; —

without holding on to past identities; without invoking shame or guilt to punish ourselves because we are operating according to rules that may violate the appropriateness of society.

True Nature

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By releasing ego/cultural programming, we make room for our true nature to shine forth and begin to change the limited trajectory we think of as ourselves. We become aligned with the potency of soul and its boundless unfolding. We judge and dismiss power easily because we do not notice when we’re looking right at it.

— As long as we are not using it to get something for ourselves, the greatest power we can have is to become a clear mirror to reflect power in any way that is called for and is most useful. —

Dynamic Identity

To live in the dynamic and malleable identity that is capable of presenting however it’s perceived, without impediment, exactly in the way it is wanted and desired—this is power moving in the direction of evolution. 

— Intentional conformity to what our environment is asking is not a signifier of interior weakness but of interior wealth. It may look like weakness, but conformity, when executed consciously, represents massive power. —

Collective Evolution

This power, greater than any one individual, calls each of our deeper selves forth through one another, asking us to evolve by inspiring and becoming what each of us is seeking.

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