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Peak to Go Down, Get More Power, and Go Higher

Published June, 2024

Erotic Mind's Wisdom

While the acquisitive mind imagines life can be an unlimited, upward expansion of more and better, higher and richer, the Erotic mind knows otherwise. Since the Erotic mind is aligned with natural law, it lives with the truth that what goes up must come down.

OM's Peak Sensation

In OM, there is a point in stroking up where an experienced practitioner senses the next stroke will be less sensational than the last. This sense is felt through a swollen fullness, as if we are at the end of an inhale and there is no more space to take a breath. The Erotic mind knows there is no pleasure in forcing an inhale beyond its limits, in continuing up beyond the point of highest sensation, no matter how exhilarating the journey had been up until that point. Instead, this point is the place to peak, the place at which to stop and change directions. After this point, a downstroke is experienced as relief, as it is with every good exhale.

Embracing Downward Cycles

Concurrently in life, an experienced practitioner knows to pause an upward journey before it becomes out of range, turning downward instead. Fearing failure, loss, and shame, the acquisitive mind may protest, but the Erotic mind welcomes the opportunity to empty us out.

Right-Sizing Through Letting Go

Emptying out takes the form of letting go of the excess weight of resentment, attachment, expectation, and fear. This is known as right-sizing. Whether we welcome right-sizing or we protest, the process is going to take its course; any delusion acquired on the upward journey is then squarely released as we hit the bottom.

Reality and Power of Choice

What is left is reality. This is where the power of choice comes in. While the child’s mind may choose to meet reality with a victim consciousness in protest, the Erotic mind chooses to meet reality with approval. The result of that approval is power, which is the exact element needed to go higher on the subsequent journey up. This is the brilliance of the natural cycle of Eros.

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