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Medium-speed Strokes

Published June, 2024

Restorative Strokes

Medium-speed strokes have a restorative quality to them. They allow us to return to our homeostatic range, to integrate our experience, and to land. There is a feeling in a medium stroke of being entirely within our range. Feeling at home, we can afford to explore. When we are first opening and exploring new spots, medium speed is often best. We can also practice agility in terms of the stroking directions we use, working in stages and using a medium-speed stroke. This provides an experience similar to connecting to the breath in meditation.

Nervous System Calming

Because this stroke is steady and familiar, it keeps the nervous system calm, smoothing it so we can anchor the mind and prevent ourselves from becoming overwhelmed. Don’t be fooled, however, into believing medium-speed strokes are only for beginners and will lead to a mediocre OM. 

Sensation Exploration

A medium-speed, medium-pressure OM done with precision, care, and proper technique can open infinite doorways of sensation. In fact, it is in the medium range where we are able to best practice and increase our skill. With medium-speed strokes, we pay attention to whether we are attempting to remain where we feel comfortable, avoiding growth. “Medium” is where this tendency is most prevalent so instead of remaining stuck in comfort, we can simply listen for what’s being asked for at the point of contact.

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