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Life Is an Om

Published June, 2024

Introduction to OM

What we see in an OM is what we see in life. The exact same tendencies play out in endless varieties. The mind is employed in the discovery of how to meet each experience. Where the attention might otherwise have gone into discursive thought, it’s now aimed in the incentivized and unified direction of learning how to use attention to—almost like a musician—“hit the perfect note” that opens the field of awareness into the experience of the Erotic state. We are always playing with the various rhythms, tempos, pressures, and notes of life. We do this not to be good but to be beautiful, to get to play our unique art across the entire spectrum of our life. This is one of the beauties of OM. It recognizes there are universal rules we must play by for the activity of awareness to have the quality of art and neither be completely chaotic nor rigidly formulaic.

OM's Unique Expression

OM asks for the unique, particular expressions of who we are, which each person alone possesses the capacity to unveil for themselves and then contribute. Our task is to find what unites all things, and then express from this knowing in a manner that is uniquely our own. We start by learning the basics. We master the rules. We play inside the rules. After a time, with the entire palate of human sensory experience to draw from, we step into the art for ourselves.

Beyond Default Sensations

We are not reduced to the few default sensations of everyday life—fear, anger, excitement, and sadness. Instead, we develop nuance and subtlety, richness and depth. Our perceptions aren’t inextricably linked to circumstances, and our resulting interpretations aren’t imprisoned by limited notions that fall into the domain of good versus bad, right versus wrong. Those kinds of notions play out when we are bound to the rational world of science rather than to the Erotic world of art. When we choose art, science is also available, but because science deals with the rational and the finite, it cannot encompass art.

Mastery in OM

In OM, we can develop masterful technique, superb proficiency, and skill. This mastery may take a decade or more, and equates to opening all spots, directions, speeds, and pressures, while developing an intuitive response in how to meet them. This is the launching point for the deeper experience—because the rules are now ingrained in our bones, we can venture out and play with them, just as a master musician plays with notes. We discover who we are and what we are capable of, not in theory but in practice.

Sensory Capacity and Intimacy

We are able to know the edges of our sensory capacity and create unique compositions of sensory experience. We meet our partner in the field of intimacy but instead of either resisting the current or rowing with it, we launch a sail and go in any direction we wish, knowing the laws of motion and harnessing the intelligence of nature. It all starts with a single stroke. Giving ourselves to the stroke that is here right now is the highest level of mastery.

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