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Lawless Laws

Published May, 2024

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Eros is dynamic flow. Eros is also structured in a set of lawless laws it rigorously adheres to. We recognize and familiarize ourselves with this structure and these laws in order to enter into Eros. It is elemental; the language we forgot we knew; the native tongue of consciousness. 

— Eros guides according to intrinsic rather than extrinsic laws. —

Intrinsic laws are those laws that reflect the natural order of our inner universe. Extrinsic laws are rules encoded by the rational mind that come from the outside world. This way the guidance is personalized and becomes a set of instructions for how to realize our individual blueprint.

— We are instructed in how to build a reality in accord with nature, building with the realization that nature trumps form. —

Thus we build from the ground up with respect for the forces of nature. We build internal structures that can weather the groundlessness of desire, the floods of emotion, and the heavy winds of confusion.

The Rational Fortress

Lives constructed from the rational—which impose sophisticated structures over our nature in an effort to tame or control it—leave us with a certain anxiety. These structures offer a fortress-like protection, but we know at some level they stand little chance against natural forces. At best, this knowing leaves us insecure in our guarded reality. 

— Unless and until we revolt against the inorganic values that produce the constricting lives we have lived, we will be plagued by anxiety and neuroses that push us to be something we are not. —

The Erotic Reality

Without question, the superficial reputation of the Erotic as a blissful and easy path to ecstatic union does not do justice to the difficulty, depth, and beauty involved. The Erotic does not conform to linear assumptions, predictability, or controlled patterns. Depending on our perspective, the Erotic can be either harrowing or a great adventure, but it is always life-altering. 

— It is always life itself breaking through. —

We wonder how something as fragile, natural, and feminine as Eros carries with it immense protection and gravitas.

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