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Introduction to the Three Distractions

Published June, 2024

Consciousness and the Body

Because the drop from consciousness into the body is the most difficult challenge people face in this life, many distractions come along the way.

Female Power in OM

In OM, it is key to understand that the deepest fear in female conditioning is the arising of real power, a power that overtakes her and shifts who she thought she was.

Male Conditioning and Power

Interestingly, a perfect complement to this exists in the conditioning of men, rooted in the idea that there is a finite amount of power, and were a woman to be fully in her power, it would diminish his own.

Attractiveness and Power

This fear leads to the next conditioned idea that what makes a woman attractive is her lack of power and the fact that she needs him or that he can rescue her. It’s as if she is small, frail, and delicate, especially if this is coupled with the idea that she therefore needs him specifically.

Bondage of Conditioning

The power of the conditioning is compounded in this way, and the liberation that true OM can bring inverts and tightens the bondage of conditioning, making it that much stronger.

True OM vs. Conditioned OM

The simplest way to know whether the bondage has been tightened is if we find ourselves thinking about the person involved, rather than the sensation, during or following an OM. A true OM will liberate consciousness into a process of purification; a conditioned OM will magnetize us in relation to another person, thus holding conditioning in place that would have been threatened by a true OM.

Liberation through Sensation

Rather than looking for a partner who doesn’t employ conditioning or punishing one who does, the key is to continue to only focus on what liberates, which is the sensation between the two partners. At the very least, this keeps us from getting snagged and instead we dissolve the threads of relational conditioning. At best, our clarifying energy becomes so strong that our partner chooses to drop into the body, and then both partners can experience greater freedom.

Consciousness and Discomfort

A woman who has not dropped her consciousness into her body is tight. The tightness is uncomfortable, but we must make sure we don’t take, or allow for, any shortcuts in relieving the discomfort. The only way to relieve the discomfort of tightness is to offer our consciousness to our body. Ultimately, we don’t want to be an accomplice to anybody evading their own relief.

Distractions to Real Power

There are three main distractions that strokee conditioning will employ as she evades real power: sweetness; and if that is seen through, protest; and if that still fails to move her stroker, brokenness.

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