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Introduction to the Five Conditions

Published June, 2024

Conditions for Eros

Five conditions are necessary for Eros to fully connect with our being in a sustainable manner that brings about our full activation. This state is optionality, where Eros progressively increases in potency, and is dynamic and decentralized. In the absence of optionality, a contraction occurs as disassociation, impotence, fixity, and localization of experience. We call this contraction deactivated Eros. While we cannot manufacture activation, we can set the conditions for it: safety, power, variety, connection, and extension. Having all five of these in place is similar to creating the conditions for a plant to grow: we don’t need to force it, and we cannot guarantee the plant will grow, but when soil, sunlight, water, nutrients, and pruning are present, the blueprint that lies within the plant is activated. Likewise, when the five conditions are present in us, our growth as individuals is activated. Just as a higher quality or lower quality of sun light or soil affects how long a plant will grow, how quickly, and with what level of resilience, such is the case with these conditions.

External vs. Internal Activation

We can access the five conditions artificially (meaning externally), or we can access them organically (meaning internally). For the most part, humans have been trained to access activation externally, and the results, while they may appear positive, are neither sustainable, resilient, adaptive, or fulfilling. The process of our practice is a progressive shift from reliance on external sources to reliance on our internal, organic resources to produce growth.

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