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Individual Surrender to the Body Creates the Collective Healing

Published July, 2024


As women, with our chronic focus on rigid standards of how our bodies appear, we have exiled ourselves from the bodies that would give us the power to find our true perfection. We have taken on masculine values such that there is no counterpoint to masculine power. How can we demonstrate true feminine power to men when we will not demonstrate it to our own minds regarding our bodies? We want men to listen to us the way our bodies want us to listen to them. We need to be the change we want to see.

Warmth as Force

Can we just be a force that emanates so much warmth it converts the smog of fear of whatever field we find ourselves in? Can we not peddle fear even in the catastrophic admonishments the “good side” makes about caring for the planet or certain peoples or animals or health?

Seated in Safety

Can we be so seated in the safety of perfection that we have space around the urgent problem-solving mind? This mind communicates with such fear that it induces a state of panic or defense or ignoring because people are responding to the fear that is delivering the message rather than the message itself.

Inviting Understanding

Can we instead invite people into the place where they know? Can we be an invitation into the body that sees clearly? The body that knows we all need tending to and, more importantly, knows we have the power and vision to see how to attend to ourselves.

Beyond Fixing

Not how to fix broken. Broken never gets fixed. But to tend to the vital and the beautiful we care about.

Authentic Care

People who care about starvation while starving themselves to look better or to valorize asceticism cannot truly offer food. People who talk about healing the planet, the place we inhabit, when they refuse to inhabit their own bodies, cannot actually tend to what is needed.

War and Peace

People who want to end war but remain in a war between the head and the heart do not know the mechanics of loving a perceived enemy.

Surrender to Heal

For the world to heal, surrender is required. The process is learned when the so-called superior head surrenders to the “inferior” body and the heart is formed. Here, we may enter the mystical state.

Recognizing Perfection

We recognize our perfection. If individuals do not know this process of finding oneself in a place of unity and interconnectedness, the collective cannot.

Imposing Will

If the collective does not know this process then we cannot listen, and if we cannot listen, we are always in the mode of the superior imposing our will on the inferior. There is the imposing of human will on the earth, man on woman, white on people of color, rich on poor, normative on diverse, commerce and production on connection, spirit on humanity.

Healing Humanity

It will be because of and through our humanity that we heal, not in spite of it. It will be from fullness, abundance, and a gravity that holds us to this world where we find the sense of weightlessness, access, and freedom that we seek. Not in spite of the body and its challenges, but because of the body and its power and resilience. Once we land in our body and access the mystical state, our humanity and trauma becomes what fuels our growth.

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