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How to Learn Orgasmic Meditation

Published May, 2024

Orgasmic Meditation is the premiere practice for accessing the mystical state.
There are several ways to get started, whether you prefer online learning, in-person courses, private coaching, or self-study.

Online Learning:

You can learn the basics of the philosophy and practice of Orgasmic Meditation online, through the OM App, available in our the IOS app or as a web application for android users.

• Download the iOS "OM App: Partnered Meditation" from the App Store

• Visit Institute of OM for online learning resources.


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In-Person and Online Courses:

Attend a live course taught by OneTaste to learn OM in person.

Enroll in an online course through The Eros Platform to learn at your own pace.

Orgasmic Meditation courses are available through one-day workshops both in person and online.

Private Coaching:

Receive private coaching from a certified OM trainer through the Eros Coaching Collective.

Please note that certified OM trainers will never be present with clients while they are OMing. All training is done verbally and/or via fully clothed demonstration in person or via telecommunication.


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The Eros Sutras, Volume 3: Orgasmic Meditation This comprehensive resource is perfect for both beginners and advanced practitioners looking to deepen their practice and explore the nuances and subtleties of OM, such as mastering the spots, speeds, strokes, and pressures.

Choose the learning method that best suits your needs and preferences, and begin your journey into the world of Orgasmic Meditation today.

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