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Hovering Tumescence

Published July, 2024

Erotic Levity

In its eroticized state, the quality of hovering is the capacity for levity and buoyancy. It is the ability to transition without grip, and it occurs as optionality and approval.

Tumescent Dissociation

In its tumescent state, hovering or dissipation occurs as dissociation, distraction, confusion, vacillation, and anxiety. Our identity floats, disconnected, above the layer of tumescence rather than penetrating and landing inside of it at the level of raw sensation.

Surface Drifting

This state is marked by an unwillingness to be with discomfort; thus, there is a perpetual state of drifting on the surface. There is a fundamental sense of lack of power; an inability to perceive our impact and thus to affect change.


We feel at the mercy of conditions and situations, not able to meet and be with the various intensities of life. If we have only known toxic pressure, then we have developed a generalized fear of all strong pressure.


We tend toward over-correcting responses to the heavy pressure we experienced in formative consciousness. The root choice was to avoid pressure, so access to power was disconnected.

Internal Persecution

Beneath this state lies a layer of undigested material that has not been metabolized and occurs as a sense of internal persecution experienced as shame.

Avoidance of Power

When we hover, admitting that we know is so sensational we avoid that strong force. When we do admit that we know, the strong force comes through. When we hover, we avoid the responsibility of that power.

External Power Attribution

Hovering gives power to something outside itself. When we hover, we get the reputation for being “checked out.”

Acknowledgement of Knowledge

There is a power when we face the specifics of what we know and do not know. When we acknowledge it, power begins to reenter.

Reflective Dissipation

Dissipated/hovering energy feels like reflectiveness and expansion. In an Erotic sense, dissipated energy is free, explorative energy.

Creative Possibility

In sex or in OM, it has a creative, dreamy, open feeling. Dissipation/hovering is driven by the desire for possibility.


One of the fundamental qualities we look for is optionality. Optionality means that you have the flexibility and dynamism to change. You can go in different directions with the Erotic energy.

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