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Heavy Pressure

Published June, 2024

Heavy Pressure Application

We experience heavy pressure in three primary ways: our body going into overdrive, our mind disconnecting from our body, or we may experience an energy of punishment. When applied with a lack of strength and steadiness, heavy pressure results in more damage than good. Heavy pressure is quite challenging to apply well, however, using it well, like a good surgical technique, can be beneficial.

OM Surgical Skill

We can use heavy pressure as a surgical skill in OM; a skilled “surgeon” must be able to cut through the skin, so to speak, without harming the organs inside. There is a power and finesse to the activity, but the main activity is the capacity to increase rather than decrease the senses. Frequently, when we use heavy pressure, we wind up decreasing the sensation.

Steadiness in Stroking

As the stroker, we do not want our finger to drag, rub, or press; we want steadiness throughout, requiring a firm stroking, not rubbing motion, that is consistent from the top to the bottom of the clitoris, with a smoothness as we come back down to the bottom. This motion builds steady waves throughout the body.

Activating Tumescent Energy

The waves then activate the stuck tumescent energy, rendering it dynamic where it was previously locked. The key to heavy pressure is to understand we are using it for two reasons.

Objectives of Heavy Pressure

One, we wish to cut through the strokee’s thick layer of tumescence to get to a level where most of the tumescence in her body has been converted to be dynamic rather than stuck. Two, we aim to provide a ballast to go into the “down” spots.

Depth Over Height

Heavy pressure paired with a slower stroke, for instance on the nine o’clock or six o’clock spots, can bring about the depths of an OM as opposed to the heights. It is crucial not to add anything extra, while remaining incredibly aware of the tendency to do so.

Finesse vs. Aggression

There is a fine line between giving the strokee heavy pressure that penetrates the tumescence holding her hostage, and the kind of aggression that is ignoring her response and seeks only to know its own impact.

Training and Awareness

Interestingly, while each requires a type of depersonalization, one aims to, in an impersonal way, cut through tumescence to get to the tender nervous system locked behind it, while the other neglects the nervous system’s response. The issue is: there are so few individuals well-trained in heavy pressure that women may feel disregarded by their partners or find themselves locked in tumescence.

Consequences of Misapplication

And if we then conflate the tumescence with the woman, the tumescence begins to erode the confidence of the stroker. The stroker in turn ends up frustrated or angry with the strokee, and the real culprit of tumescence is never caught.

Conscious Application

We can neither cater to and stroke too lightly nor become angry and add punishment to the pressure. We also cannot go unconscious in the face of tumescent discomfort, disconnecting and dragging the finger. This pressure is due to a lack of consciousness, not because consciousness is guiding with firmness.

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