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Graciously Open and Surrender Your Rules

Published May, 2024

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The rules to any domain are the instructions for entering that domain. Only by following the rules can we enter the inner sanctum, know it, and have its beauty revealed. This is the reason we aim for optionality and for the release of any rule other than to always seek for the truth. 

— It is only our rules that prevent us from understanding—and more importantly, from seeing—the truth, validity, and ineffable beauty located in the center of all systems of belief, all cultures, and all people. —

Here, we must recognize the rules we feel conflict with are our own.

Internal Conflict

They are the walls of the labyrinth, built to protect the heart inside. To violate the instructions by imposing our own rules prevents entry and thus prevents knowing. This allows us to maintain uninformed opinions about what lies inside. 

— By forsaking our rules, while it may feel dangerous, we are granted what these rules promised but can never deliver: entry into the truth. —

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