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Grace Arrives Through Honesty, Not Pretending

Published May, 2024

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One of the biggest challenges in this arena is that we confuse procedures and outcomes. Certain procedures can only be experienced as an outcome of other works.

— For example, power—our capacity to be with life as life is—naturally increases when we decrease our fear by addressing it. —

Similarly, the experiences of gratitude, joy, and forgiveness cannot be manufactured or in any way forced into existence. Not because they are not available, but because they are our natural state—they cannot be efforted into being.

Obscured Emotions

If we are not experiencing them, it is because they are obscured. Techniques such as writing gratitude lists, positive thinking, or forgiving people are akin to placing beautiful drawings on top of a landfill, when the true energy lies beneath the landfill. Eventually, those drawings become part of the landfill, and we wonder why working so hard brings us further from, not closer to, these dispositions. 

— Our attempt at grasping the ungraspable is the very thing distancing us from the treasure we already hold in our hands. —

books on the divine feminine honesty

Embracing Truth

We would do better to deliberately hate someone, to consciously feel our furor, and take a comfortable seat right in the middle of our joylessness. One of the best ways to dissolve the thick layer between us and the natural and spontaneous emotions that confer meaning is unbridled truth and its honest and accurate expression.

— When we pretend and perform ourselves into a state of happy, blissful, benevolent, ever-forgiving beings, we communicate a kind of hatred and greed into our lives. —

We indicate that our lives and our emotions, exactly as they are, are not enough and that we are entitled to something more. The truth is, we are entitled to something far, far more. We are entitled to relating directly with this life. The outcome is an earthy and grounded sense of not needing to forgive or be forgiven. Of not needing to cultivate joy. Of not needing to pump positive thinking or fake our gratitude.

Natural Emergence of Emotions

Because when we trust our lives and let our lives trust us, each of the natural and grounded versions of those feelings, versions rooted deep in the truth, effortlessly emerge.

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