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Go in the Direction the Sensation Is Going

Published June, 2024

OM and Nature

OM expresses in alignment with nature. Rather than working against reality, OM moves with it. This moving with reality is the source of its goalless quality. OM is no more attached to going up than it is to going down; OM recognizes all directions, and even no direction, as inherently perfect. There is delight in the exhilarating, light, expansive quality of up, and nourishment in the thick, dark, weighted quality of down. Rooted in approval, the Erotic mind gives up any attachment to which direction is occurring, instead finding willingness to go in the direction the sensation is going. Approval is key.

Erotic Mind Development

An undeveloped mind adds resentment, judgment, superiority, inferiority, doubt, shame, and a myriad of other “extras” to the experience. The developed Erotic mind, in contrast, rooted in a trust of Eros and in a recognition of perfection, will move in the direction of flow with loving equanimity. This applies to our own experience of going up or down, as well as to when we are with someone else and they are being moved up or down.

Aligning with Life

OM is a practice of sensing for which way life is going and then discovering how to align with life. The developed Erotic mind moves in flow with loving equanimity because it trusts the natural intelligence of experience—that we will gain any necessary power, nourishment, and insight if we are willing to follow sensation rather than fight it. It knows the quickest way through is through. It’s a matter of elegance.

Embracing the Fall

So when the developed Erotic mind finds itself falling, it turns fully toward the experience of falling, allowing itself to fall while regarding with curiosity any accompanying fear, doubt, grief, or anger. When the developed Erotic mind sees another person falling, it doesn’t run to save them; it doesn’t try to lift them up, make them feel better, or in any way cut short their experience. This goes against all of our cultural conditioning of trying to be a “savior,” as well as against our conventional ideas of compassion. But why would we cut short another’s visit to the richest, most nourishing location of life? The developed Erotic mind gives itself over to and even puts itself behind the direction that is unfolding.

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