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Force Vs. Power

Published July, 2024

Duality of Force

Force is based in duality. It exists and operates only in relation to a counterpart. There is no force without a counterforce, no agent of force without an object. Force is always acting against. Force does not supply, does not feed, cannot generate, cannot integrate. It is based on the laws of a zero-sum game. Nothing new can come from the application of force.

Consumption of Force

The use of force is consumptive; it only spends energy, it cannot create it. And yet we have a cultural understanding that force is power. We have mislabeled it.

Nature of Power

Power, unlike force, needs no object. It is what it is, it does not need a counterpart. It is the fabric of the field of what moves us. Those objects that are liberated to move in accordance with and by it will have access to it. It acts even when that action includes destruction.

Power and Creation

It uses force when force is what is called for but from the perspective of having and creating power. It fuels, it activates, it catalyzes. Power encourages awakening by inviting the inherent power in everything to activate, to become conscious.

Power in Life

Power is not a response, but an allowance that is called forth in the relationship to life. To the extent that anything is received, integrated, and released, power is generated.

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