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Following the Intuitive Mind

Published July, 2024

Rational Mind's Limit

The rational mind can bring us to the very edge of the known world. With excellence and precision, it can build conditions, theorize about the unknown, and master outcomes. What it cannot do is enter the Mystery; in fact, it either blocks it out or falls apart when it does enter. The rational mind cannot navigate the invisible world from which the impossible comes. Genius, wisdom, meaning, reverence, and the organic arising of awe and gratitude all emerge from this realm. We can set the table for intuition, but we cannot guarantee the guest will come. It is for this reason the rational mind will deny intuition’s existence. As a result, it will often only know higher-order states intellectually and not experientially.

Rational Mind vs. Intuition

The primary weapon of the rational mind—in order to maintain dominion by force rather than nature—is to use its powers to disprove, or dismiss as frivolous, the communications that come from the non-rational world. Because it does not have eyes to see, it presumes and declares that nothing is there.

Beyond Rationality

If we want to extend our consciousness outside of the limited world, we need to recognize that while the rational masquerades as the authority, it actually makes a better servant when it bows to the nobility of intuition. But in order for this to happen we must learn an entirely new operating system—one that can only be understood through the acknowledgment and cultivation of the sixth sense.

Intuition's Clarity

As this sense develops, we realize much of the external world is extraneous, built to accommodate a type of blindness. Intuition is stream- lined and direct. The rational mind can only make blind guesses; the intuitive mind can see for itself. But until this faculty is turned on and cultivated, it will seem mysterious, vague, and unreal.

Rational vs. Intuitive Mind

The rational mind—at best —can build models of the world. The intuitive mind can have us live inside reality, without constant interference, interpretation, and commentary. We can take the rational mind and have it work for, rather than against, the intuitive mind, both as a check and balance and to fortify and serve the discovery.

Living Intuitively

The intuitive mind can hear reality at a whisper, and this is where we want to operate. We want to operate where we are able to hear and move seamlessly in accord with it, not at the point where life is happening to us. Some call this the “two-foot drop from the head to the heart.” Some never take the leap, but those who do, know.

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