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Facing Tumescence

Published July, 2024

Tumescence in Consciousness

Tumescence presents in every domain of consciousness. Whenever something—a feeling, an emotion, a desire—asks to be expressed or received and it is blocked, tumescence builds. The anxious, vacillating mind is a signifier that we are somewhere other than effortlessness and peace, and that discharge and expression is being requested. The expression can show up as taking action from our purpose, speaking a simple truth, immersing more deeply in spirituality, connecting sensually, or creative expression.

Responding to Tumescence

In responding to tumescence, we have several options. We can ignore it, and allow it to build until it operates of its own accord, manifesting as pain, or we can disrupt it with consciousness by simply applying approval to the problem. This breaks up the habitual pattern of response without too much backlash. We can drive our focus to the deeper thing we desire, since the only force strong enough to match tumescence is the incontrovertible nature of true desire.

Strategies and Mastery

We can turn toward tumescence by adding in Erotic energy, and eroticizing whatever it is we perceive as the problem. We can track it with deliberate attention, converting it into consciousness in each moment. Lastly—and this is at the level of mastery—we can intentionally allow tumescence to collect and then deliberately activate it for the propulsion of a deeper, true desire such as a creative undertaking, liberation, altruism, or other Erotic endeavors.

The Immune Response

It is important to remember that inherent in tumescence is an immune response that repels us from facing the tumescence itself. For the most part, we live in a state of low-grade denial and avoidance until the discomfort is so great it presents in our lives in a way that we cannot get around it.

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