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Evolving Connection

Published June, 2024

State of Eros

The state of Eros is fundamentally a feedback state of reciprocal and mutually-influencing forces that together create a dynamic “third” energy composed of what exists between the connected two. True connection requires an intransitive consciousness that is dynamic, able to concurrently serve as subject and object. Most importantly, the healing we seek is found in connection itself, regardless of the outcome.

There are four ways to access connection:

Accessing Connection

We feel disconnected. We know this because we have a feeling in the background that we don’t belong, a scrambling to find connection at any expense, and a feeling of loneliness. We might feel abandoned in some way, by something we may or may not be able to name. Since our system is open, if we are not careful, we will bond with anything to stop the smarting of disconnection—we bond with anything from people unavailable for connection to food. In OM, we may bond with egoic arisings rather than with the actual connection that liberates. And until true desire is present, others cannot invite us into connection. Otherwise, they will be doing so based on an idea conceived by the mind that doesn’t represent the truth of the body.

Consciousness and Body Connection

We begin by connecting consciousness to the body. Until we do this, everything else we do is like attempting to fill a black hole: no matter what we put inside, nothing gratifies. This life-giving connection forms the basis of goodness in our lives and as a result, everything that occurs subsequently occurs as additive. We lack discernment until consciousness descends into the body. Our life, a sensing organ, will continuously seek outwardly, connecting randomly with people or things that will either harm or gratify it. Without anything better to guide it, our sense of connection is driven more often than not by our history; we connect with things that resemble our past. This is entirely out of alignment with life’s imperative to grow forward. This kind of connection is, then, a hindrance to growth. Instead of connection we practice compliance, a performative way of acting how we think we must act in order for others to associate with us. This performance kills all true connection because there is no way to perform while simultaneously connecting to essence. What we call connection is revealed as an exhausting form of pretending. Rather than seeking true connection, we employ all our power in pretending and may easily fall back into disconnection.

OM's Role in Connection

Through the safety and power we experience in OM, we connect to new sensations and experiences. We grow our depth of connection so that our intuition can show us what our overall system needs. Do we feel full? Is it time to slow down or speed up? Are we gripping or holding on anywhere? Do we need to offer ourselves in some way? Because there are more options available to us, the feeling of disconnection begins to shift to a feeling of getting what we didn’t even know we needed. We develop this capacity by adding power, helping us remain connected to everything we hear where we otherwise wouldn’t have done so.

Sustaining Connection

We are able to stay connected no matter what, serving as an outlet for others—especially those who could otherwise not connect out of fear they are dangerous or difficult to be connected to. We become a stabilizing force that changes the people around us, not by any effort but by being a place to connect. Through this, we naturally heal. We witness in real time how pathology is the result of disconnection, and that nothing fancy or big is required in the healing of the world other than connecting to it.

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