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Eros Is an Invitation to Unconditionality

Published May, 2024

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Eros guides and trains us from the inside out, operating by non-rational principles or natural law. Do not confuse irrational with non-rational, for the latter is a system of order that is the equal complement to the rational, orderly, “thou-shalt”-legislated aspects of the mind. Eros is a natural process, a life force that converts internal buildup, stagnant emotion, and untapped resources into energy-sentience—the capacity to accurately perceive our environment and acknowledge it with a pitch-perfect response. 

Intimacy and Inspiration

— This translates into a felt sense of intimacy with our lives; being “one with” and seeing the inner secrets of all we encounter. —

In turn, this intimacy is the conduit for inspiration. We discover and are moved by an inner undomesticated wisdom rather than conform to a set of standards aimed in a generalized way to be applied to unique individuals. 

spiritual intimacy in a relationship book

Promises of Paths

The promise of the ordered path is that we will become more like those on that path. The promise of Eros is that we will become fully who we are. On the ordered path, not only are we protected, but we are prohibited from entering certain domains of life. Eros walks a different path. Having reverence for all, it embraces a take-no-prisoners approach to knowing this life by living it until we can recognize the in-dwelling divinity of all things regardless of their appearances. Eros then demands we develop acuity of perception, rather than the mere capacity to conform.

Realization Through Art

— The realization of Eros is always art, where beauty is not determined by content or form, but by the congruence of truth that runs through it. —

From the profound to the profane, the invitation of Eros is to incarnate into our own lives. The wisdom of intimacy, the refuge of connection. 

The Invitation of Eros

The irrefutability of contact with this life, of moving and being moved is how we discover that every raging fire is actually friendly—that there is only this life asking to be known on its own terms. To absorb, convert, see, and love all of what is, unconditionally—this is the invitation, the work, and the promise of Eros.

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