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Definition Of Eros

Published June, 2024

Eros Defined

Eros is an impersonal, primal force of nature that arises from the ground of being and draws us into contact with life, changing us and life as a result. It is the unfolding process of this drawing together, touching, and mutual altering, and it is the network of interiorly connected essences that arises in response to this contact. Eros is the filament that runs through all of life, aiming for a harmony that will unite the primordial forces of the soul with the spiritual ideals of the above in a delicate balance.

Perception Shift

We know Eros through a dimension of perception that opens and shifts the ordinary to the extraordinary. Occurring as a charged, magnetized emptiness, it draws forth and is moved by what will bring us into and through our most cherished notions in order to restore wholeness and cultivate this perceptive capacity. It rests on the nexus of paradox, in that wholeness is found by organizing around a radiant absence.

Implicit Understanding

And we know it not directly, but implicitly, the way we know electricity through a bulb as light, or through a radiator as heat, or through a vehicle as motion.

Chaotic Order

Operating by a set of laws equal and complementary to the more conventional and familiar laws of the rational system of order, Eros connects us to and through its various realms by way of a chaotic order and a nonrational intelligence. It draws us in through the power of desire, impulse, hunger, yearning, intuition, and passion, and orients us to the primordial chaos that is the source of its power.

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