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Opening My Voice
by Piney
I was always generally able to get along with people, but it was hard to get close to anyone. I didn’t have enough trust to let... see more
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Being Real
by Erin
Orgasmic Meditation Taught Me The Importance Of Letting Go, Helping Me Navigate Relationships With Grace And Love. see more
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Staying With The Sensation
by Leslie Baran
Orgasmic Meditation (OM) Shifts Your Sense Of Safety From External Conditions To Internal Sensations. see more
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A New Kind of Power
by Angela Evers
OMing Is A Powerful, Clean Form Of Energy That Has Allowed Me To Quiet My Mind And Drop Into My Body. see more
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Freedom and Permission
by Audrey Steele
Learning That Intimacy Goes Beyond Romance And Love Through The Practice Of Orgasmic Meditation. see more
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