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Surrendering to Simplicity
by Nikki
I've had a lot of different jobs in my life—fast food, retail, pizza delivery girl. I sold Mary Kay beauty products, and I work... see more
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The Art of Paying Attention
by Sean
I remember this particular day years ago. I picked up my wife's kids from school, gave them a snack, and started making dinner.... see more
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Freedom and Permission
by Audrey Steele
When I moved to San Francisco in my twenties, I felt free to do whatever I wanted. I was raised in a conventional, middle-class... see more
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I Have a Spine
by Monia Pincar
I thought something about me was broken. I would drink, watch TV, take pills, and do anything that might give me a peaceful, ca... see more
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Desire Needs No Justification
by Stefania Brandner
I was raised in a small town in northern British Columbia. It was a remote community and a conservative one - not conservative ... see more
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Finding The Magic
by Rebecca James
I remember the moment it happened. I was in our bedroom. The door was open, and my boyfriend was in the living room playing Dun... see more
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Everything In My Life Feels More Alive
by Georgia Haughton
I remember the exact time I first heard about Orgasmic Meditation. My friend told me there was a practice in which you could ge... see more
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My Internal Landscape Revealed Itself to Me
by Katherine Sheldon
I was a graduate student in a Ph.D. program and had just come out of a 10-year relationship that started in high school. We bot... see more
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