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The OM Adventure
by Ed
I Dove Into Orgasmic Meditation To Cope With Depression, And It Taught Me To Be Present, Honest And Curious. see more
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Everything In My Life Feels More Alive
by Georgia Haughton
My Body Came Alive Through OM. I Learned To Feel Subtle Sensations And Trust My Intuition, Connecting Deeply With Myself. see more
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So Much Tenderness
by Rhonda Adley
Struggling With How To Feel Your Feelings? Orgasmic Meditation (OM) Helped Me Reconnect With My Emotions And Sensations. see more
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Give Love Instead of Seek Love
by Marcus Ratnathicam
Depression Haunted Me For Years, But Orgasmic Meditation Allowed Me To Recover And Develop A Sense Of Purpose. see more
7 min Read
A Woman Lit Up
by Kari Abadie Hayes
I Am An Empowered Woman Who Owns Her Body, Sexuality, And Truth, Radiating Confidence And Authenticity. see more
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My Internal Landscape Revealed Itself to Me
by Katherine Sheldon
My World Expanded As I Realized The Incredible Variety Of Sensations Available Within My Body Through The Simple Practice Of OM. see more
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