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Joining the Eros Platform has been the best time investment. Everyday I am able to gain insight and wisdom on how to live and feel better. My feelings are validated in this safe space, my voice is heard. I instantly felt supported in my journey to unleash my power! I am so grateful for Eros.

Kara V.
Boston, MA

I had tried many avenues of healing before finding Eros. While many were great, none have transformed me as deeply and applied to as many areas of my life as this has. The Eros Platform has been an amazing way to learn more about myself, go in depth with practices like Orgasmic Meditation, and meet great people.

Lissa B.
New York, NY

I love the Eros Platform! I am on there daily checking out the new things coming up. My favorite has been Art of Addiction - that class has totally shifted my perspective on addiction, something that I struggled a lot with in the past. I now have a lot more acceptance of myself and I feel more clear and purposeful in my life. I’ll keep tuning into the platform because I want to continue to grow and love myself!

Matt B.
Kauai, HI

The teachers on The Eros Platform were patient and willing to break down each concept until I understood how to apply it to my life. It’s taken commitment but I’m stronger, clearer, more loving and more resilient than any other line of ‘personal development path’ I’ve found out there. Those closest to me have said: You feel so good to be around.

Emily M.
Denver CO

Human flourishing.

The way there is through Eros, the primal force of desire and attraction which embodies unconditional love and transformative connection.

The Eros Platform
 provides you with the education and experience needed to use this energy for flourishing.

The steps are healing, connection, liberation, and contribution.

explore eros with guides

Nicole Daedone

Nicole Daedone is an author, speaker, and established authority in the domain of women’s sexuality, empowerment and liberation. Nicole is the creator of Orgasmic Meditation, co-founder of OneTaste, and more recently the author of the Eros Sutras.

Matt Sherman

Matt Sherman is a founding member of the Black Culture and the Erotic movement (formerly known as BlackBox), Orgasmic Meditation teacher, and teacher in the Eros men’s program

Aubrey fuller

Aubrey Fuller is a 15+ year teacher and practitioner of Orgasmic Meditation who also specializes in The Eros Sutras.

Vanessa Lengies

Vanessa Lengies is co-founder of the Women Over Dinner movement, which fosters a conversation around women’s power, sisterhood, and sexuality. Vanessa has a thriving career as an actress with over two decades experience in film and television, including memorable roles in “Glee” and “Stick It”.

Courtney walker

Courtney is a founding member of the Black Culture and the Erotic movement (formerly known as BlackBox), and a writer and speaker in the field of reclaiming black power and beauty.  Her forthcoming book, “Watch The Throne”, lays out a view of black nobility and future roadmap for Black America to reclaim that nobility.

Reverend Joanne Coleman

Reverend Joanne Coleman is both a reverend and lifetime student of the original Biblical scriptures and associated Aramaic text. She provides an ancient lens to key biblical teachings to reveal new meanings and modern day applications.

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The eros monastery retreat center

The Eros Monastery is a 164 acre retreat center nestled in the ancient redwoods of Northern California dedicated to the cultivation and immersion on the path of Eros

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