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Unlocking Bliss: Exploring The Power Of Gratitude In Eros Sutra With Nicole Daedone

Embark on an intimate journey with Nicole Daedone, the creator of Orgasmic Meditation, and delve into the teachings of the Eros Sutras. In this profound virtual event, you'll witness an exploration of erotic love as a connective force and a source of personal awakening. With Nicole's insightful narrative, uncover the power of eros to shape and express the true self.

Nicole Daedone, author of the national bestsellers, including "The Eros Sutras" and "Erotic Justice," guides us through an honest conversation about the vibrancy of living an erotically charged life. This isn't just another discussion; it's a live invitation to unlock your potential and let eros be your guiding force.

Are you ready to claim your strength and cultivate your deepest spiritual power? Join us for a transformative experience that transcends traditional boundaries of intimacy and self-discovery. Register now for the weekly Eros Sutra Study and become part of a community fiercely passionate about harnessing the potential of the Erotic:

To deepen your understanding even further, purchase Nicole Daedone's groundbreaking book, "The Eros Sutras," available at Let Nicole's words guide you through a new lens of intimacy and joy.


Introduction to Eros Sutra Study
Prayer of the Red Thread
Nicole Daedone's Insights
Embracing Joyful Ignorance
Understanding Gratitude as an Outcome
Expressing Goodness in Present Moments
Progression from Bad to Good to Better
Benefits of an Obstacle Journal
Maintaining Happiness Amidst Abundance
Overcoming Loneliness with Mindfulness
Joseph Massey Guest Talk
Closing Dedication

About the Instructors

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Nicole Daedone
I specialize in following it where not many dare to tread. I want to know life biblically, the way a man knows a woman (or other configurations of such). I want to know the water by getting wet. Theory, commandments, concepts leave me empty, and not the good kind of emptiness. My driving question is, “Is that true?” Is it wholly true? Where and how is it true? For whom is it true and why? Can it withstand the test of time? Is it true for me as a woman? The last one has taken me off many a beaten path. Givens are often no longer givens when I ask this question. The world turns upside down. My two guiding principles are first, the idea that “I’ve come only for this.” Whatever is presented before me is mine to puzzle, to play, to explore and, finally, to love. Love leads me to my second guiding principle, how I explore, which is to ask, “Can I love this? Can I love even this?” Who is the “I” who is loving in this moment? What does love look like here? Does it require a peaceful approach, approval, power, some good, old-fashioned wrath? And then, what is “this?” I must leave who I believe myself to be to answer this question—to know and love what this is on its terms and not on mine. As a free woman I want all things to be free, liberated from any ideas I would impose on them. My work remains what it once and always was: to turn poison into medicine and make it available to those who want it.
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Aubrey Fuller
Our Eros Sutra librarian, Aubrey Fuller is a deep researcher of the feminine and brings her knowledge of feminine wisdom to the classes she teaches. As Program Holder for Art School, senior instructor for the OM Center, teacher on the platform, and Eros Sutra maven, she reminds people of the rightness and beauty of the feminine path and inspires us to enjoy the ride it offers us with love and permission. Aubrey has been walking the Erotic path and practicing Orgasmic Meditation for 15 years, and teaching for 14.