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Episode 2 - The Mystical State: More Than Just a Climax

In this episode of the FreeWomen Podcast, join Nicole Daedone and Kathleen Ivanoff as they delve into the realms of consciousness, mystical states, and feminine enlightenment.

The FreeWomen Podcast is a compelling podcast series hosted by Nicole Daedone, journeying into the depths of feminine wisdom and power. With discussions ranging from personal enlightenment to political landscapes, Nicole and her vibrant array of guests explore the multifaceted world of womanhood, breaking down misconceptions and unearthing profound truths. Central to the conversations is the transformative role of Eros, intimacy, and play in women’s lives, illuminating the mystical states that these elements can usher in. By exploring notions of pain, trust, attraction, and self-value, "FreeWomen" challenges its listeners to reflect, grow, and ultimately redefine their understanding of feminine identity and enlightenment.

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About The Speakers:
Nicole Daedone, an innovative thinker and trailblazer, is passionate about exploring and questioning life’s truths and transforming discarded ideas into art. A graduate of San Francisco State University, her studies centered around semantics and gender communication. Before her groundbreaking work in intimacy and sexuality, she co-founded the avant-garde 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. However, Daedone is best known as the founder of OneTaste, a platform she established to rekindle our connection with intimacy, sexuality, and each other. Here, she developed a contemplative discipline around Orgasmic Meditation (OM), which has sparked substantial research into the intersection of sexuality and human flourishing, with science proving OM’s significant impact on emotional health and inducing transcendental experiences. Her work has been featured widely, including in The New York Times and on ABC News Nightline, and she is the author of several National Bestselling books.

Kathleen Ivanoff is a lifelong student of esoteric spiritual traditions, mythology, and fairy tales. With a diverse background in Women’s Studies, Psychology, and Writing, she previously served as a Program Director and Instructor at Jewel Heart Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center. Kathleen is also an accomplished writer, focusing on how Eros informs the mythopoeic reality of life. Her expertise in the field led her to teach Creative Writing at Eastern Michigan University.

00:00 The Mystical State: Eros and Connection
06:08 Different Dimensions
08:35 Rediscovering Rituals and Practice
15:24 Demons and Angels
25:28 Blaming the Victim
30:27 The Struggle with Letting Go: Embracing the Unknown


Podcast Introduction
Psychedelic Experience Stages
Threshold Dweller Concept
Feelings of Disgust & Terror
Understanding Expansion Cycles
Entering Mystical States Conditions
Overcoming Fear Techniques
The Art of Imagination