Women Over Dinner | December 16

Women Over Dinner | December 16

Dec 16 at 4:00 pm PST

“It’s one thing to be a woman in our power, it’s exponentially more impactful to plug our power into each other.”

The global movement ‘Women Over Dinner’ gathers friends, sisters, colleagues, and even total strangers, to share a meal while we enliven our collective power and ask ourselves and each other thought provoking, sensational, and just generally fun questions. The prompts are curated to inspire our own inner wisdom on how we uniquely relate to being a woman, how we relate to our own bodies, and how this relates to the world around us.

These dinners are a facilitated round table experience with a specific format designed to evoke shares of each woman's unique blueprint of her own power, sexuality and liberation.

Read some testimonials from women who attended the last online Women Over Dinner:
“The online Women Over Dinner gave me an opportunity to participate from afar when traveling wasn’t feasible during a challenging time for my family. Having this time to connect intimately with other women had me feel included and part of an experience where I felt seen heard and felt deeply and an opportunity to nourish my soul." - Lissa

"There was a power to being in a room (that we don’t often come by) where there was enough room for each woman to be fully expressed, fully her. I could remember that the power of women goes beyond physical location. It reminded me that if I could experience that over zoom, I can have that anywhere any time in my life." - Sofia

"It was awesome online. It felt like everyone connected. It was such a great way to be part of it without being able to come. It was intimate for being online." - Jan

There is no discussion or cross talk at these dinners, making this a rare space for women to express without feedback and listen without pressure to respond.

Get lit up and light up the grid.

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